Monthly Archives: November 2020

Eric WILLIAMS FINALIST FOR TX Superintendent POSITION. Who Will Be the New LCPS Superintendent? How Will They Be Picked?? Who Can Be Trusted??

The announcement LCPS sent out said Williams was a “finalist” for a superintendent position in Texas, however the posting by the Clear Creek School District in Texas suggests it’s a done deal. Most will rejoice and bid this man good riddance but what comes next? Williams and the LCPS board are controlled by the NAACP and MSAAC. The LCPS board

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The “Official” P.A.C.T. “White Privilege” Cheat Sheet

THE “OFFICIAL” P.A.C.T. “WHITE PRIVILEGE” CHEAT SHEET In case anyone hasn’t noticed, ALL white people apparently have “White Privilege” or simply “Privilege”. We’re reminded of this everyday in School, Work, News, Media, Sports, by Progressives, Woke-Tards, BLM, NAACP and on and on. It’s quite annoying and if you don’t admit your “Privilege” then you are, yup, a racist. In 1988,

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