Monthly Archives: November 2020

LCPS To Provide Equity Comfort if Trump Wins 2020 Election

What in the hell is wrong with LCPS. I can’t say that I’m surprised BUT LCPS is supposed to maintain a neutral position when it comes to politics not a neutered position. I very much hope that once the election is past us, that more parents, students and ordinary citizens join P.A.C.T. in the fight against this vile garbage that

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Kamala Harris Promotes Socialism (2) Days Ahead of Election: ‘Equitable Treatment Means We All End Up at the Same Place’

I’m not sure people had any doubts, but it is certainly nice to feel vindicated when Heels Up Harris confirms their Marxist intent for America should she and Biden do what no other Dems/Liberals/Progressives have been able to do….Beat Trump. At least they admit it. LCPS continues to lie and hide. America has been awaken, next is Loudoun County Sen.

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