LCPS “Equity Leads”: What the Heck Does an “Equity Lead” Actually Do? Your Kid May Not Know Basic Math or Science But They Will Sure Know All About Their “White Privilege’

The NAACP and MSAAC Are Gunning for Our Kids and LCPS is Along for the Ride

By now, I’m guessing everyone has heard of LCPS’s newest educational investment, “Equity Leads”. Originally, there were (94) Equity Leads, basically (1) for each and every school in the LCPS. However, there must be some exceptional “White Privilege” troubles or Equity Man overlooked the number of little white supremacists in (19) other schools because each of these (19) schools has (2) Equity Leads. Each Equity Lead is a teacher or some other school staff member and they earn and additional $3,800 each. Keep in mind, ALL Equity Leads positions are filled and yet LCPS has a deficit of (40+/-) SPED teachers or assistants

With such an investment, are the kids going to get extra support in Math, History (maybe with “The 1619 Project”), English, Foreign Language or Science? Nooooooo! Equity man, the NAACP and MSAAC thought the additional $430,000 would be better spent on expanding the students “equity vocabulary”, an “equity-focus school wide through an equity lens” and “deepening their knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion”. This is all garbage but it’s very real.

Below is an excerpt from an LCPS doc that contains the Equity Leads job description and below that is the embedded document AND below that, is the names and salary information for all (113) Equity leads, and all school principal’s salaries, also embedded.

Equity Lead Description

The Office of the Superintendent, in collaboration with the Departments of Instruction, Pupil Services, and Human Resources and Talent Development (HRTD) is working to design and establish additional opportunities for LCPS educators to engage in professional learning about color consciousness and implicit bias and design and establish a culturally-responsive framework to inform curricular and instructional efforts across the division. The Equity Leads will provide direct support to individual school communities, under the supervision of the principal in viewing the work of the school through an equity lens, including but not limited to supporting the whole child in collaboration with the Department of Pupil Services (DPS) school based staff and diversifying our teacher and administrator workforce in collaboration with HRTD staff.

Equity Lead Profile: To implement and sustain the work of equity and excellence it is important that Equity Leads understand program expectations and demonstrate that they have dispositions and skills to become equity literate. The Equity Lead role will be assumed by teacher leaders and/or Mental Health leaders (School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologists, etc.) who support the school full-time, in order to maximize actionable steps embedded within and/or aligned to School Improvement Plans (SIPs) in schools.

The Equity Lead Will:

  1. Work collaboratively with the principal to build a solid equity-focused culture throughout the school. The equity lead will ensure stronger equitable practices are implemented school-wide. The role may include multi-faceted work and leadership through an equity lens.
  2. Collaborate to develop school improvement goals to implement Culturally Responsive Instruction in every classroom.
  3. Assist in normalizing common equity vocabulary for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. (language was recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity [NAACP] and presented to the LCPS School Board)
  4. Participate in the Equity in the Center Sessions 1-3 to deepen their knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  5. Attend and engage in an Equity Coaching Institute
  6. Collaborate with school based administration, school counselors, Parent Liaisons, school community partners (as directed by the principal), PBIS coach, Social and Emotional Leads and
  7. Classroom teachers to implement strategies that advance educational equity and eliminate discipline disproportionality.
  8. Contribute to the development of comprehensive professional learning plans in collaboration with the principal and administrative team.
  9. Facilitate Professional Learning on racial consciousness, implicit bias and culturally responsive instruction in schools.
  10. In an effort to create a stronger culturally responsive instructional framework, the equity lead would share lessons, results, and promising practices with students, families, staff, community and key stakeholders.
  11. May be asked to provide consultative support on affinity group formation in collaboration with affinity group staff advisor or school counselor.
  12. Other duties as assigned based on individual school community needs, proactively and responsively.

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