It’s Here! Critical Race Theory (CRT) For Dummies!

Just the suggestion of these (3) words together can make people cringe. Not just because of what Critical Race Theory is but because these (3) words imply in-depth study, lots of research and hours of reading. There’s some truth to that BUT the basic concepts, which are the foundation of CRT, do NOT require extensive studying or a specialized degree. The flashcards below can definitely help to get over that hurdle. In all honesty, if you have common sense, you’ll read some of these ideological beliefs and instinctually know it’s just plain stupid, hateful and confusing, asking yourself “How can anyone believe this garbage?” Hope it helps!


  • This is all true, guys. This is the hidden agenda that everyone doesn’t see. Call me whatever, I will not argue, but, in opposition, I say, “do YOUR research.”

  • They are absolutely NOT! James has read and digested all the cult literature of CRT. I have read and digested many of the original literature and I would call it literature, not research. Its pathetic, subjective and cultish. Read Introduction to CRT 2nd ed if you want. Better still – read Cynical Theories by Pluckrose and Lindsay to get the background and the inter-relationship between the various laughably called “disciplines”.

  • Not sure if this is writer was trying to be sarcastic but these statements regarding CRT are actually the OPPOSITE of the theory. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your own research via an academic source. You may want to first look up the founders of the theory and go from there.

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