Monthly Archives: October 2020

LCPS Approved Proposal for Another $460k To Bring Equity Collaborative Back for More Teacher/Student Equity Training and System Wide Alignment

By now, EVERYONE is well aware that LCPS spent $422k in 2019 to The Equity Collaborative to conduct a “Systemic Equity Assessment: A Picture of Racial Equity Challenges and Opportunities in LCPS” and the outcome could have been predictable even before they started, LCPS is racist! Now, we all know that there is 40,000 little white supremacists (students) running rampant

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How to Destroy the Racist Argument Using the Mirror Technique!

Don’t Back Down – Winning a Name Calling Battle is Easier Than You Think Since the Democrat Party no longer has the Russian collusion narrative to fall back on, the entire party, starting with their leaders, and presidential front runners are on to their next bogus delusion: “White nationalist.” These sentiments are used against Donald Trump and Conservatives in an

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It’s Here! Critical Race Theory (CRT) For Dummies!

Just the suggestion of these (3) words together can make people cringe. Not just because of what Critical Race Theory is but because these (3) words imply in-depth study, lots of research and hours of reading. There’s some truth to that BUT the basic concepts, which are the foundation of CRT, do NOT require extensive studying or a specialized degree.

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