Monthly Archives: October 2020

There’s No Such Thing As “Systematic Racism”

There’s No Such Thing As “Systematic Racism” I recently had the good fortune to attend a conference that included a small group session purposed to discuss issues of systemic racism. Despite an atmosphere of (and explicit call to) collegiality, it was – shall we say – a rather passionate discussion. The discussion subject was not whether America is “systemically racist,”

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(2019): Virginia AG Goes After LCPS for Discriminating Against Black Students in Academies of Loudoun?

Virginia Attorney General vs LCPS “Equity Complaint” On October 3, 2019, the VA Office of the AG sent LCPS a notice that they have received complaints NAACP) that LCPS discriminated against black students by being denied the ability to participate in AOL. Keep in mind that “participate” and “apply” are two completely different things. There is not one documented case

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Dr. Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” to “We’re Living a Nightmare”

Has Dr. King has been replaced by “Dr. BLM“? Dr. King is likely the most popular and revered black person of all time. Every black person, every black community, as well as many white people in America, loved Dr. King for everything he did for Civil Rights. He was smart, brave, committed, very well educated and believed in his mission.

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