LCPS, MSAAC, NAACP Failed Minority Students Big Time! Completely Omitted Parental Involvement or Inclusion, Just Equity and Racism. Shameful

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No fewer than (25) people played a role in the “Comprehensive Equity Plan”. At least (6) from MSAAC, at least (9) from the NAACP and at least (10) from LCPS

As we all know, LCPS “passed” the “Comprehensive Equity Plan” in early September. Many people may not know that the “Comprehensive Equity Plan” was actually crafted by MSAAC, and influenced by the NAACP. I think it goes without saying that the foundation, support, involvement and encouragement of a students family (parents, grandparents, etc) is paramount, whether it’s education, sports, arts, and no matter what the race of the student is.

That said, how did MSAAC, NAACP and LCPS fail so miserably with CRT and this racist “Comprehensive Equity Plan”? Their concentration and focus is quite clear: Anti-Racism (whatever that is), Whiteness, White Privilege, and Implicit Bias. After all, they did declared war on “White Supremacy” in LCPS. Below are all of the focal points contained within the “Comprehensive Equity Plan”:

  • Address the wearing of Swastika’s, Confederate Flag items
  • Issuing apologies for segregation that ended (53) years ago
  • Changing the name of a HS mascot
  • Working with racist Equity partners
  • LCPS will implement measures to reduce racial/ethnicity discipline disproportionality.
  • Minority recruitment efforts (this has been a ‘Call to Action” by the NAACP for more than (20) years). Is it possible many black people don’t want to become a teacher? (20) years later and still the same problem. How is it racist if black people aren’t applying for teaching jobs?
  • Responding to Racial Slurs
  • Eradication of “White Supremacy

So, while they have all this finger pointing aimed at White people and “Racism”, what did the NAACP, MSAAC and LCPS leave out? There is ZERO mention of increasing parental involvement, none in the “Comprehensive Equity Plan” or any other “Equity” type of documentation . There were AT LEAST (25) that were involved in the creation of this masterpiece and not ONE person thought it would be a good idea to include parental involvement? Why? Personally, I believe they are so wrapped up in this whole CRT farce, victimhood, and saving the world from those evil White people. This is disgraceful.

Below is a “Call to Action” the NAACP released in 2001. While I have a different opinion on much of the “Call to Action”, this is one example that I don’t take issue with, but I guess (19) years is a long time and personable responsibility and accountability are a thing of the past.

Most experts agree that parent involvement can be crucial to children’s success in school. The reasons are many:

  • They may need guidance in determining how to use their free time productively
  • Students can be strongly encouraged in their academic pursuits by their parents’ or guardians’ support and interest
  • They often need help from their parents to do their homework well
  • They benefit from seeing a consistency between the values and lessons taught at school and those
    practiced at home.

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