LCPS CRT Based “Restorative Practices Race Circles” Video: The Skin You Live In, Story time With Ms. Melange

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LCPS was kind enough to play a CRT based video for kids during their “RESTORATIVE PRACTICES RACE CIRCLES”. The video is titled “THE SKIN YOU LIVE IN, STORY TIME WITH MS. MELANGE”. Besides the video being overtly centered around race and racism, the narrator, Ms. Melange, appears to struggle with the pronunciation of a very difficult word “Ask”. At 1min and 4 seconds (1:04:) into the video, Ms. Melange says “The skin that you look to the skin and “AKS” why”. I believe it’s pronounced “A-S-K”, the “K” does not come before the “S”. Not only is LCPS providing CRT based videos to our kids, they have narrators that can’t pronounce words correctly. How does poor grammar help little kids? A few questions provided for the kids at the end of the video:

  1. What connection did you make with this story?
  2. When you hear the word race, what do you think of?
  3. What can you do if someone is saying something hurtful about your skin or someone else’s?
  4. What are two things you like about your skin or race?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. As a Speech Therapist, I realized that Ms. Mélange may have a lisp. If that is the case, putting her down does not accomplish the purpose of this article. We want to be sensitive to those who may have disabilities and speech issues. Other than that, you make some interesting points.

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