• This survey was ridiculously skewed and not even well thought out. Judging by the responses 2/3 of respondents are in support of CRT.

    • Thanks Jill! Skewed how? Is it skewing the results when asking if people want to join the fight against CRT? Is it skewed because of the question about MSAAC and the NAACP’s involvement with LCPS? Is it skewed or do you just not like the questions? There is a difference, just want to be clear I understand your complaint.

  • It’s skewed because it’s clear that you only want to “survey” those who agree with your mission. For instance, one of your questions reads “Are You Aware of How Influential MSAAC (Minority Student Achievement Advisory) And The NAACP Have Been In” First of all, that’s not even a complete thought – have been in what? Then your survey options are: 1) Not at all, and would like to know more, 2) Somewhat, and I would like to know more, and 3)Yes, and I don’t like it. This question leads the reader to assume a great number of things. First, that the end of the sentence is most likely “…have been in the development of the CRT curriculum. The question then does not qualify or quantify with any legitimacy the actual level of influence the survey writer is suggesting MSAAC or NAACP have had in the development of the CRT curriculum (again – assumption about the end of the statement). Finally, there is no option for respondents to select that states that they are ok with the level of current level of influence, or that they are simply aware of the current level of influence. The question asks about the respondent’s awareness, but the respondent is unable to respond with an affirmative awareness without skewing the results to have people believe that their awareness is tied into negative feelings about that influence.

    I could go on and on about what a joke this “survey” is. It’s also telling that at first, respondents were able to see the real-time results of the survey and now those results have been hidden. It smacks of the author’s hiding the results because they do not fit the desired narrative.

    • Thanks Bill for your considerate feedback! The website has only been “live” for only (30) days. I’ve never built a website before, and I’ve spent hours upon, hours, upon hours researching, learning, and understanding how to build a website. I’ve never created a survey before, my first time. So while I appreciate your criticism, and your ability to try and make someone feel stupid, your going have to try harder to get under my skin. I’m comfortable with my mistakes and I’ll learn from them so that someday I can be as perfect, eloquent, and mean spirited as you.

      Are my writing skills perfect? Nope, and I have no problem admitting, that my writing skills are not one of my strengths, but I try. However, I do know how to read, so maybe the next time you want to be rude and belittle someone for their writing skills, you should proofread what you write before sharing because it will make your criticism null and void, much like what you sent me.

      You’re clearly a sharp guy and you’re correct that I did hide the results. I did so because I never intended for them to be public while the survey was “live”. All part of the learning curve Bill. If you don’t like the website, don’t look at it. Don’t like a survey, don’t take it. May I suggest that you check out a website that will teach you some manners? Best of luck Will!

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