Monthly Archives: October 2020

10-14-2020: P.A.C.T. Biden’s Manifesto-Platform Is Centered Around CRT

For weeks, even months, both Biden and Harris have refused to discuss Biden’s Manifesto aka Platform. If you’re of those people that are on the fence about to vote for, this has got to be a giant red flag. Biden has (48) different “Bold Ideas” (platform) that are the foundation of his “Vision”. Sure he’s mentioned some of them but

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10-14-2020: Forget the Tweets, Forget the Hair, You’re Voting for Freedom

People have got to put their disdain for Trump’s Tweets aside. Forget about which direction Trump’s hair blows in the wind. Forget about his orange glow. Disregard his abrupt tone. Our country stands A LOT to lose if Trump loses. Like the riots and destruction? Trump’s not your guy. Do you believe a man that hides in his basement has

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1-13-2020: Why ‘White’ should be capitalized (Washington Post)

There’s not a person on the planet that hasn’t heard of George Floyd. Apparently, George Floyd, the criminal, that was killed with the assistance of a cop, was more inspirational and God like than any Civil Rights leader of our time. As a man that is dead, George Floyd still had the uncanny ability to: Power to influence riots, violence,

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