Monthly Archives: October 2020

10-10-2020: White Kids To Back Of School Bus

White Kids To Back Of School Bus Comrade Horton wants white kids to go to the back of the school bus, because antiracism (Rochester Schools) OCTOBER 10, 2020|ROD DREHER Hello all, we made it through Hurricane Delta just fine — though that’s not the case for the poor folks to the west of us. Keep them in your thoughts and

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10-10-2020: LCPS: Elementary Schools The Unequal Opportunity Race

This is an old video that keeps being used to demonstrate how bad white people are. LCPS finds this material acceptable and needed for little kids to watch. It’s only 4 minutes long if you can sit through it. Actually, if you can, please do watch the whole thing, we need as much outrage as we can get. This is

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10-10-2020: Admission test for TJHSST eliminated for Equity

Admission test for TJHSST eliminated written by Jeanine Martin October 9, 2020 For decades Fairfax County Public Schools have tried to increase the number of Black students admitted to the highest ranked high school in the nation, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Annandale. The school system has had scores of programs for Blacks and Hispanics, beginning as early

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