10-9-2020: Equity Man and the Equity Gang Propose Equity Friendly Dress Code

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Loudoun’s Equity Efforts Reach School Dress Code

What the heck is the matter with these people? Story, after story, after story about how remote “education” is an absolute failure and Equity Man and his Equity Gang are worried about clothing? If this wasn’t so sad it would be an episode of Seinfeld. First they announce their intent to eradicate “White Supremacy” from our schools, this sounds like LCPS has 40,000 little White Supremacists running around and NOW they can’t wear anything with a Swastika or Confederate flag? When was the last time you saw ANYONE running around with a Swastika on their shirt?

Everyone that likes Trump, wear a Trump hat or shirt. For those they don’t like Trump but are appalled by what Equity Man and his Equity Gang are doing……..wear a Trump hat or a Trump shirt. It’s just the point.

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The school division’s dress code is getting another refresh. The covering of midriffs will still be required, hats will still be allowed, and clothing with profanity or gang symbols still is prohibited. 

The major change in this round is a 150-word policy aimed at addressing concerns about racism and insensitivity to the feelings of others.

It reads: “Clothing or other accessories or objects free from language, slogans, symbols, icons or images that are highly offensive or threatening to others and impede or distract from the Board’s mission of instilling values necessary or appropriate for polite civil discourse or political expression in a school context, social tolerance, nondiscrimination, self-awareness and sensitivity to the feeling of others even if such does not result in a reasonable fear of immediate disruption. An essential Board mission is to teach students of different races, creeds and color to engage each other in civil terms rather than in terms highly offensive or threatening to others. For example, displays of certain symbols such as Confederate or Swastika images are perceived by many as racially hostile, are associated with racial prejudice, have been a source for conflict among students, and could result in hatred, ill will, and emotional trauma that are all inappropriate in the school context.”

The propose changes also specify that the dress code be enforced by holding all students to the same set of rules and standards regardless of gender.

The board’s Discipline Committee unanimously approved the amendments last month and the full board was briefed on the issue Tuesday night. A vote is slated for Oct. 13.

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