Monthly Archives: October 2020

10-5-2020: Trump Orders No Federal Funding for CRT and Stereotyping

Trump Orders No Federal Funding for CRT and Stereotyping National Association of Scholars, Statement, October 05, 2020, Racism and Critical Theory PLEASE CONTACT OFCCB about LCPS see link below! If you feel uncomfortable about about providing your name and information of who they can contact, please feel free to use P.A.C.T.!Those in higher education should therefore watch for CRT

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10-6-2020: Oh Boy! NAACP Is Not Happy with LCPS!

Loudoun NAACP Leaders Find School Division’s Segregation Apology Lacking Read the article below first and then double back and read all about “NAACP Proposed Terms of Conciliation For LCPS” One week after the Loudoun County Public Schools division posted on its website a formal apology for its segregationist history, the Loudoun NAACP hosted a Friday night online forum during which members

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10-6-2020: More LCPS News Stories. May Be Some Overlap in Other Posting

LCPS School Board Has Stepped In It, Deep: These Stories Are Just in the Past (7) Days LOUDOUN TIMES: Grover: Loudoun County Public Schools is institutionalizing discrimination WEST NOVA NEWS: Loudoun County Public Schools spent $422K on controversial critical race theory curriculum in past two years WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Loudoun County Schools Spend Hundreds of Thousands on Critical Race Theory ABC7 WJLA: Some parents

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