(2) LCPS Female Students Were Raped and No One From LCPS Knows Anything About It? Have They Learned Nothing?

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LCPS has the largest group of incompetent and lying School Board Members in the entire country. On June 22, 2021, Beth Barts asked if ANYONE was aware of the assault at Tuscarora HS (it was brutal). Despite TWO LCPS SB Members (Sheridan and Morse) being on the SB in 2018, no one had any knowledge of the incident. Even though information was provided to LCPS, including information provided by the Leesburg Police Department, Sheridan and Morse had no clue.

I think it’s quite clear that while the principals at Stone Bridge HS and Broad Run HS are rightly or wrongly in a tough spot as it relates to these rapes, the focus needs to be directly aimed at Ziegler, Asia Jones, and the entire school board. Who’s this Asia Jones? She’s Ziegler’s right-hand comrade. If PACT were consulting Jones, we’d tell her to get out in front of this situation before Ziegler drags her down, much like he’s trying to do with these HS principals. The internet is an amazing resource but it can never replace people’s willingness to talk. I wonder who’s talking?

How’s that ridiculous “equity” and CRT working out? RESIGN NOW.

LCPS Board of Supervisors States “Jeff Morse, Who Told Me That The SB Was NOT Aware of the Details From the First Incident.”

LCPS SB Member Atoosa Reaser Said on 10/14/21 “Members of the LCPS SB Were NOT Aware of the Specific Details of This Incident Until Earlier This Week.”

Is it Really Possible That LCPS SB Member, Harris Mahedavi, Who “Represents” the Ashburn District, Where the First Rape Occurred (Stone Bridge HS) Had No Clue?

Then There’s Asst. Superintendent Asia Jones Who is Clearly Signaling to Ziegler and Other Board Members When Barts Asked Her Now Famous Question “Do we have assaults in our bathrooms & locker rooms regularly?”

Then There’s Ziegler, Blames Title IX, His Predecessor, and Probably Trump. He Lies his Ass Off and Cannot Be Trusted

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