2/8/21: Clear Creek ISD’s BANS Critical Race Theory After Concerns Related to Eric Williams

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Prohibiting CRT Policy Introduced on 12/14/20, Passed on 1/25/21, (1) Week After Eric Williams Starts

This was the best CRT news I’ve read in a while or EVER! Eric Williams left LCPS for a new Superintendent job at the Clear Creek ISD School District on the outskirts of Houston, TX, which he started in mid-January. The CCISD School Board had grave concerns about Eric Williams and his history/implementation of CRT at LCPS. They did what any good school board would do and on December 14th, 2020 the CCISD school board introduced a policy modification that would BAN Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the school district and was approved. Stating that they wanted to “put to rest any remaining public concern about the use of controversial educational resources, such as critical race theory. “The modification [to the instructional resource] serves to clarify and document the district stance that CRT or other divisive material will not be part of the curriculum for students or for staff.” The policy modification was fully approved on January 25, 2021, one week AFTER Eric Williams started his new job.

As an FYI to the LCPS School Board, Superintendent, MSAAC, NAACP, and all of those FAKE WOKE morons that want to sling your usual racist or white supremacist nonsense keep reading. The CCISD School Board has (7) members:

Unfortunately, since they don’t identify which school board members are gay or heterosexual, I’m unable to include those stats. At least you’ll still have something to bitch about. Parents, this is proof that there are school boards out there that aren’t feckless or scared, and are willing to stand up for the parents, students, and teachers to do the right thing. They don’t take their orders from the NAACP or some adjunct equity group. They recognize that the content of character is far more important than skin color.

LCPS School Board, MSAAC, NAACP, and Loudoun Freedom Center Have Got to Be Removed from Our Educational System

Did you know that the president of the NAACP, Michelle Thomas, is also the president/owner of Loudoun Freedom Center? We’ve coined this type of activity as “Firefighter-Equity Arsonist Syndrome”. How does this work? Well, someone acts as the “Equity Arsonist”, running around igniting racism, discrimination and white supremacy fires. Then this same person sells LCPS “Equity Consulting Services” to extinguish the “Equity Fires” they ignited. Igniting “Equity Fires” is of course free, however, extinguishing these “Equity Fires”, well this requires tax payer money, $30,000, $50,000, $100,000 who knows exactly how much, but you can bet there will be a future post on this topic.

By Colleen Ferguson | 5:38 PM Feb 4, 2021 CST | Updated 5:38 PM Feb 4, 2021

CSTClear Creek ISD’s instructional resources now include policy language effectively prohibiting the use of critical race theory in classrooms, after concerns about the theory were raised related to its use at Superintendent Eric Williams’ former school district.

A modification to local policy was first introduced Dec. 14, during former Superintendent Greg Smith’s last board of trustees meeting, and was approved on its second of two readings at the Jan. 25 meeting, a week after Williams had taken over. Board members did not discuss the policy amendment at either meeting.

The policy amendment does not change the way anything is being taught in the district, Board President Laura DuPont said in a Feb. 1 email. It was introduced not to address any board concerns regarding Dr. Williams but rather to put to rest any remaining public concern about the use of controversial educational resources, such as critical race theory, she wrote.

“The modification [to the instructional resource] serves to clarify and document the district stance that CRT or other divisive material will not be part of the curriculum for students or for staff,” she said via email.

The CCISD policy amendment uses language specifying that district educational resources “shall not promote or endorse race or sex stereotyping or race or sex scapegoating.” Race or sex stereotyping is defined in the document as ascribing character traits, values, moral and ethical codes, privileges, status or beliefs to a race or sex, or assigning them to an individual because of his or her race or sex. Race or sex scapegoating is defined as assigning fault, blame or bias to a race or sex, or to members of a race or sex because of their identity.

Focus on critical thinking, continuing excellence

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills—part of the Texas Education Agency’s state standards for what students should know and be able to do—does not address critical race theory, and the state does not provide districts with materials that cover critical race theory, DuPont wrote. District curricula are designed to help students build critical thinking skills rather than to define specific ways or things those students should think, she added.

CCISD has a well-defined process for developing curricula that are clearly aligned with the TEKS, DuPont said. Prior to its amendment, the policy already contained language regarding how a parent of a district student, any employee or any district resident can formally challenge a district instructional resource “on the basis of appropriateness.” The full policy text can be read under item 11.A.16 of the board’s Jan. 25 meeting agenda.

Williams came to CCISD from Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia, where educational resources related to the theory are considered acceptable, and was the sitting superintendent as the district reckoned with its own issues related to racial biases.

LCPS came under fire in February 2019 over a physical education activity involving the portrayal of runaway enslaved people, according to Loudoun Times-Mirror coverage. Following the incident, the district created a 16-step framework to address systemic racism and the overall culture that led to the incident; efforts to create the framework started in spring 2019, per LCPS board documents.

The LCPS board documents do not explicitly mention critical race theory. DuPont said in November critical race theory was not in LCPS curriculum “the way that some people have said it is.”

Williams said in a December interview that he does not intend to chart a new course in terms of the CCISD educational experience but rather that he wants to build on the district’s existing excellence. Board members reaffirmed their faith in Williams in late 2020 as CCISD and LCPS parents alike took to social media to express concerns about his effectiveness as an educational leader.

“Ultimately, [Williams’] job is to execute a vision, and our job is to develop it as board members,” trustee Scott Bowen said during a Dec. 1 board meeting. “Policy and politics are our job, and execution is his job.”

Two months later, DuPont reasserted that the decision to bring Williams to CCISD was based on his ability to help execute the district’s mission.

“The board did not hire Dr. Williams to bring specific programs, curriculum or agendas to CCISD but rather to provide the leadership to help the district build on its strengths and tradition of helping students achieve, contribute and lead with integrity,” she wrote.

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3 thoughts on “2/8/21: Clear Creek ISD’s BANS Critical Race Theory After Concerns Related to Eric Williams

  1. It’s now called SEL and Equity in CCISD. Williams is doing the same things here that he didn’t Loudoun and our school board is all about it. Jay Cunningham is the puppet master though. Our kindergarten teachers sent home paper asking parents what pronouns their kindergarten kids wanted to go by. Our Supt now joined up with Harris Co. Oubloc Library, yes the library that does drag Queen story hour, by giving all students access on their school laptops. It’s going down real fast over here.

  2. Our fight is never over. CCISD parents have now found out that Dr. Williams was also involved in the sexual assault reporting cover up while in Loudoun Co. We have evidence for the 2017-2018 school year.

  3. Unfortunately, since this article published, the name de plume for CRT is now “social, emotional learning”, SEL , and these programs, as of August 2021, are being implemented in CCISD schools. So again smoke and mirrors in the dog and pony show from the School Board to try and keep the Board meetings quiet.

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