2/6/21: What Parents Need to Know about Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Schools [podcast]

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PACTS First Podcast! Thank You to Conservative Reality Check!  A New CRT Podcast Series Is Underway!

Thanks to Conservative Reality Check! for having the interest and taking the time to discuss this very important and insidious ideology called Critical Race Theory! The host, Amy, did a great job, so thank you Amy! PACT on the other hand needs a bit more practice! After watching the playback video, I quickly realized that I was providing too much information, some of which I need to expand on, some of which I simply need to save for another podcast and areas where I should have provided more specific details. I hope some find the podcast helpful and informative!

I am committed to tightening up my communication and focusing on one maybe two areas. An (1) hour and (20) minute podcast is a long time, and frankly, people may become bored. If that happens, then it’s all one big waste of time and that’s not the intent. We want it to be helpful, insightful and something you want more of! Drop us a comment with any feedback and/or requests for future CRT podcast topics. Stay tuned for the next as well as an upcoming Facebook live cast! Also be sure to checkout more Conservative Reality Check! podcasts on Rumble!

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught to your children in k-12 schools, and bigger indoctrination into Marxist theory is a focus for your college kids. This episode I talk with our county’s CRT guru about how CRT started in our county, what they are teaching, and why every parent needs to wake up to this!

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