2/13/21: Now Hiring LCPS “Chief Equity Officer”. Wasting More Money.

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LCPS Spending $1,330,000 for Equity Personnel and The Equity Collaborative (outside consulting group) Annually

LCPS BLM Sympathizer Superintendent, Scott Ziegler, recently submitted an LCPS budget request for the 2021/2022 school year in the amount of $1.5B. Many in the community have been asking how can they justify such an increase request, kids have been out of school for a year! As PACT has been saying for more than (6) months, listen to what LCPS says but WATCH what they do. If people have been paying attention and look beyond the hot topic of getting kids back in school, you will notice that LCPS has made tremendous progress on their Critical Race Theory efforts.

Below is a recap of the equity only expenses we are aware of so far ($1.4M). These figures are ONLY for employees and equity consultants and do not include “educational” materials, partnerships or other consultants that have yet to be identified:

  • (113) Equity Advisors (1 in each school and 19 schools have 2 and) with an annual cost of $500,000!
  • (20+) Equity Committee Members (one nominee is the NAACP Educational Executive)
  • (6) MSAAC Executive Board Members (1 of which is also on the NAACP Executive Committee) 
  • (1) Equity Director, annual salary of $155,000+
  • Approved for 2021/2022: CEO (Chief Equity Officer) approved salary of $175,000+
  • Approved for 2021/2022: CRT Consulting Firm Equity Collaborative approved for another $500,000 ($1m total so far)
  • Loudoun Freedom Center: Owned/Operated by NAACP President Michelle Thomas, $100,000
    • NAACP (Michelle Thomas) claims racist issues and Loudoun Freedom Center is paid to help address issues the NAACP (Michelle Thomas) identified. Doesn’t anyone else see this as, I don’t know, wrong and unethical?

Job Description

Loudoun County is currently seeking a Chief Equity Officer in the Office of the County Administrator. The newly funded position will work with the Board of Supervisors, county leadership and senior managers to conduct strategic planning and provide effective leadership in support of efforts to ensure that equity consideration informs county planning and decision-making processes to reach equity goals. The successful candidate will demonstrate considerable communication skills in working with stakeholders within county government and outside county government to further equal access to opportunity and equity goals of the Board of Supervisors and priorities of the County.

The Chief Equity Officer will lead the development of an equity strategic plan and coordinate actions to effect cultural and organizational change and inform public policy development, existing policy, and practices. This position will oversee the development, design, coordination, and implementation of programs, policies, and practices aimed at addressing the systematic disparities existing in the delivery of county services, as well as the implementation of departmental equity plans. This position will also establish baseline disparity data targets and benchmarks, support the development of tools and analyses, such as equity impact assessments used in evaluation of processes, policies and planning to inform decision-making. The Chief Equity Officer will develop and collect data identifying opportunities for improvement and progress in meeting equity goals, and ensuring the development of training for all levels of the workforce to promote understanding of equity-related perceptions. This position will work to identify institutional policies and practices that perpetuate or bring about racial and social disparities and inequity and will work with leadership, staff, and other stakeholders to eliminate them.

Job Requirements

Requires a Master’s degree in Business Administration or Public Administration in area related to assignment; five (5) years of progressively responsible and related work experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion including two (2) years in a supervisory or management role; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Requirements

Thorough knowledge of cultural competence, inclusiveness and diversity issues, equity impact assessment, and program evaluation methodologies. Knowledge of Office and County administrative operations, programs, policies and procedures. Ability to negotiate sensitive issues and analyze conflicts and facilitate resolutions. Work is performed in a dynamic environment that requires sensitivity to change and responsiveness to changing goals, priorities and needs.

The Loudoun Difference: Loudoun County Government is an organization of individuals who choose to dedicate their talents, education, and experiences to making a difference in the community. What sets Loudoun apart from other local governments is a strong organizational culture that values teamwork, community, and innovation. Loudoun County employees share a true appreciation for the dynamic nature of the community they serve and a passion for ensuring that Loudoun remains a great place to work, live, and play. Employees of the County enjoy working in a collaborative and inclusive environment and appreciate the County’s emphasis on maintaining a diverse and respectful workplace. As the community continues to experience growth, the County offers new and seasoned professionals the opportunity to work on challenging projects, emerging issues, and innovative solutions.

Post Conditional Offer Contingencies

Pass pre-employment background check which may include fingerprinting, credit, NCIC and DMV.

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