2/13/21: NAACP Act of Premeditation “Ensuring the Infusion of Equity In Every Aspect of LCPS School System”

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We are living through the real life version of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”. It’s relentless, repetitive, and doesn’t become more true because this race hustlers say say. It’s only about division and power. We are constantly hammered with many ridiculous theoretical words and terms like “Institutional Racism”. Sounds like a serious and to some, a convincing problems. For the purposes of LCPS, let’s look at what “Institutional Racism” we hear so much about actually means:

  • Institutional Racism: The term ” institutional racism ” describes societal PATTERNS and STRUCTURES that IMPOSE OPPRESSIVE or otherwise NEGATIVE conditions on IDENTIFIABLE groups ON THE BASIS OF RACE OR ETHNICITY
    • Isn’t forcing a CRT based education [STRUCTURE], that is centered around Anti-White instruction [IMPOSING OPPRESSIVE, NEGATIVE CONDITIONS ON AN IDENTIFIABLE GROUP (WHITES)] the very definition of “Institutional Racism”? In other words, LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC are actually imposing “Institutional Racism” on our students in the name of bringing awareness to the claim of “Institutional Racism” being committed by whites? Classic case of 2+2=5

Jumping back to the NAACP. The NAACP actually has this posted on their website (read the capitalized words carefully): “Fund all equity positions as ORIGINALLY PLANNED.  This is one of the only ways to INSURE LCPS REMAINS ENGAGED and ACCOUNTABLE in INFUSING EQUITY in EVERY ASPECT OF THE SCHOOL SYSTEM“.

  • “Originally Planned”: This is a deliberate and premeditated act to usurp and radically transform the LCPS educational system to what THEY WANT, not what is right or “equitable” to all students and parents.
  • “Insure LCPS Remains Engaged”: [First off, it shouldn’t be “Insure” it should be “Ensure”, although they intend on holding the citizens of Loudoun hostage to “Insure” financial compensation to the NAACP via LCPS]. This is being achieved by all of the ridiculous “Equity Fires” the NAACP has started AND by implementing their “LCPS Terms of Conciliation”, which is a disgusting overreach and attempt at ensuring ultimate power and they are playing the race card and fabricating “white supremacist” stories to achieve their goal
  • “Accountability in Infusing Equity”: The Loudoun Freedom Center, which Michelle Thomas owns/operates, helps to ensure “Accountability” with the “Equity Fires” she’s helped to start. “Infusing Equity” should bother everyone. She is using the NAACP and the Loudoun Freedom Center to be a central core for all LCPS educational and disciplinary standards. Don’t forget, the Parkland shooting in Florida was the first school system in the country to follow this CRT based disciplinary concept, we know how that worked out.
  • “EVERY ASPECT OF THE SCHOOL SYSTEM”: This radical belief and goal is NOT about “Equity” or “Equality”, its 100% about POWER. Why in God’s name would we allow this? This is black supremacy at its worst and Thomas and MSAAC are running around like it’s Christmas, doing and saying what they want, when they want and the feckless LCPS and Superintendent sit idly by and say “Ok”.

Also take note in the image below (in red box) the NAACP’s “DEMAND” that all school board members receive immediate professional development to disrupt white supremacist ideology as stated in the superintendents Equity Statement”. Again, who exactly are these white supremacists they keep mumbling about? I only see black supremacists barking demands and wanting ultimate power over ALL LCPS students, staff and parents.

Don’t dare disagree or challenge this rhetoric, you’ll be called a racist! However, you’re already considered a racist so save some time, and tell them to stick their racist garbage and help fight this radical takeover that is taking place right in front of our very eyes. Don’t ask yourself “How did this happen?”, PACT has been telling you how, when, where and who is doing all of this destruction for months.

There are PLENTY of examples and solid evidence of the NAACP and MSAAC instilling their black supremacy ideology in LCPS: Facebook, Twitter (see below), LCPS documents, news stories, BLM protests, etc. However, we’re told Loudoun County and LCPS is under mass assault by “white supremacists” and I have yet to see them provide any proof, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, news stories, etc. If anyone comes across a trove of proof that white supremacists are rampant in LC, like the black supremacists, please send me the links and we will post everyone of them.

I’m not stupid enough to think racism doesn’t exist, it does BUT it is not only reserved for white people AND it damn sure isn’t a pandemic like these hustlers want you to believe. They are lying to you for their own agenda and financial gains, it always boils down to money and power.

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