2/12/21: NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, And LCPS, Is This Legal And/Or Ethical?

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NAACP President, Michelle Thomas is Also the Founder/Owner of Loudoun Freedom Center and Both Are “Advising” LCPS? One’s Free and One’s Not

There’s no secret that the Loudoun NAACP believes that Loudoun County is the most racist county in the country and it’s full of white supremacists and apparently so is the Loudoun County Public Schools system. For years, the NAACP has made claims that LCPS is an abhorrent racist and discriminatory school system. How do we know this true? We don’t, we’re supposed to shut up, don’t ask questions and believe what the NAACP and Michelle Thomas’s say, after all they know. I don’t know, gotta call crackers on this narrative. It has nothing to do with racism, discrimination or white supremacy, it is all ABOUT POWER, period. Let’s look a little closer at this shall we?

  • White Supremacy Pandemic: The NAACP, MSAAC, the idiots on the LCPS school board, LCBS and LEA all swear on a stack of bibles, nod their heads in agreement that Loudoun County is rampant with white supremacy despite no evidence, no descriptions, no location, nothing. We also just learned this school year that the white supremacists have infiltrated LCPS, but again these are just words to scare people. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center has no record of white supremacist groups in Loudoun County. Notice they never provide a listing of people, examples? Do things happen? Sure they do but it’s not had the “sky is falling” level they want you to believe, no where close.
  • The NAACP, with Thomas leading the charge decried about the mass discriminatory policies impacting all black students in LCPS. She rarely if ever can site specific examples. If she has them, great deal with them and LCPS and don’t implicate and entire race and citizenry of Loudoun County. On November 18, 2020, the VA State AG, Mark Herring (blackface #2) came down in favor of a discrimination complaint against LCPS that the NAACP filed in 2019. It was completely bogus and again based on conjecture and the narrative that LCPS is completely racist. As a result of this judgement, the NAACP is in a great position to twist LCPS’s arm and implement their “Terms of Conciliation”. PACT has written about this before, but let me remind you of the POWER the NAACP is seeking of LCPS and your kids education this is ALL ABOUT POWER and CONTROL:
    • Develop equitable Academies of Loudoun admissions criteria based on “STEM interest and academic criteria” (rather than a “Governor’s honor’s program” or “gifted and talented program”)
    • Eliminate standardized testing such as the California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory Scores (CCTDI), California Critical thinking Skills Test (CCTST-N), and STEM Thinking Skills Assessment as criteria for admission;
    • Offer admission to applicants on a random basis (i.e. lottery system) in formulating the random selection process for admission, strive towards
    • Include NAACP Loudoun Branch as a stakeholder in developing the process LCPS uses to revise its admissions criteria and implement procedures in the way described above.
    • Revise Elementary Gifted and Talented Programs/Specialized Education.
    • Include NAACP Loudoun Branch as a stakeholder in the process LCPS uses to revise its identification and selection criteria and implement procedures
    • Implement after-school affinity groups for Black/African -American students at each Middle School and High School (Student Equity Ambassador Club)
    • LCPS to provide (2) NAACP only scholarships, contributions to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, NAACP Discrimination Fund, and the NAACP Victims Compensation Fund
    • Eliminate unlawful discrimination and harassment in LCPS, including racially motivated incidents occurring in school
    • Eliminate bias in the LCPS hiring process
      • Again, this sounds fair enough. However, Michelle Thomas is demanding that LCPS recruit black and brown people from across the country, pay for all of their relocation expenses AND pay off their student loans
  • **I strongly encourage parents, citizens, journalists, students, etc. to read more about the NAACP’s “Terms of Conciliation”. There’s too much to list.**
  • Equity Fires: The entire false narrative that the “racist sky is falling” has had an incredible NEGATIVE impact on the entire LCPS system. Because of this hyperbolic lie, LCPS has implemented CRT, or as they like to call it “Comprehensive Equity plan” and for what? What all these race hustlers are saying is that 93% of LCPS is racist with 44% being white supremacists. In essence, they’ve started a bunch of “Equity Fires”.
  • Extinguishing Equity Fires: There are a helluva lot of “Equity Fires” going on in LCPS and not one “Equity Fire Department” can extinguish them all. In comes Loudoun Freedom Center, owned and operated by NAACPS’s own Michelle Thomas.
  • In 2019, at Madison trust Elementary School, some dummy thought it would be a good idea to play a “Runaway Slave Game”. No idea what this guy was thinking and the community, including the NAACP should have been pissed. This was the icing on the cake and LCPS then hired an equity consultant by the name of The Equity Collaborative. Well, Michelle Thomas helped push this decision along but she, MSAAC and LCPS failed to do their research about The Equity Collaborative and boy is this an oversight! You see, one of The Equity Collaborative’s main founders/partners, Jamie Almanzan worked for an organization and they charged their clients $30,000 for a “Runaway Slavery Simulation” for middle school students. Their simulation makes the Madison Trust incident look like child’s play, it was really bad. PACT almost always provides as much context and sources as possible, however, a friend is writing a book that will be out in a few months and he goes into MUCH MORE detail about this. I’ve read the lengthy summary report and know it to be true, so stay tuned.

Page (15) Project Based Learning: Support from Loudoun Freedom Center (looks like $50,000 to LFC)

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The doc below is from LCPS on 5/15/20. The item highlighted in green is a contracted expense FROM LCPS to LOUDoun Freedom Center for $30,000 that was being frozen due to COVID. However, on 1/29/21, LFC announced they were full steam ahead.

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