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1776 Action Educator/Administrator Pledge. Will LCPS SB Candidates Take it? Are Their Goals and Objectives Aligned?

In September 2021, Dr. Ben Carson, co-founder of 1776 Action, spoke to a sold out crowd at Lansdowne Resort here in Loudoun County. The event, properly named “Rally to Save Our Schools” was sponsored by; 1776 Action, PACT and Fight for Schools. 1776 Action is focused on trying to instill accountability with our elected officials at the state and local level, including school boards.

The “Educator and Administrator” pledge is straight forward and only has (6) items that candidates would pledge to (see the “Educator and Administrator” pledge below).

Will all candidates running in the LCPS SB special election this year for the Broad Run and Leesburg districts take this pledge? It’s simple and free but you have to be honest about your convictions, otherwise don’t sign.

About 1776 Action

President Trump, recognizing the long-term danger of teaching young Americans to reject their own country and values, created the 1776 Commission to restore honest, patriotic education.

Immediately smeared as “racist” by our dishonest, activist media, the 1776 Commission was then abolished by President Biden just hours after he was sworn into office.

While no doubt a setback, President Biden’s public repudiation brought undeniable clarity – with no remaining checks on the far Left’s advance into K-12 classrooms, a grassroots backlash has been steadily building that confounds ordinary racial, socio-economic and ideological stereotypes.

We don’t have decades to waste trying to win an academic debate. There are political and media fights that must be waged and won now, and 1776 Action is leading the way.

1776 Action Goals & Objectives

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