10-9-2020: The Facts of the Far Left, Beyond CRT

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With CRT being hot in the news right now, many people are just starting to get a taste of what and who the “Democrats” – “Liberals” – “Progressives” really are, their true colors. I created a website a few months ago called “Far Left Facts”. The intent of this website is not to persuade or “recruit” people to become a Republican or Conservative but to introduce people to what the Far Left is all about in their words not mine. However, if a conversion does happen it should happen organically. Both Biden and Harris claim that there is NO SUCH THING as a “Biden Manifesto”. The also claim they do not want to “Defund the Police” or ban fracking. Are they telling the truth? Nope, couldn’t be further from the truth, read for yourself in their own words.

In-depth look into BLM in their own words

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