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Loudoun Times Mirror 9/9/2020: Below are (3) very telling & misleading quotes from LCPS Board Member Ian Serotkin regarding the yellow postcards (see image above) that were mailed out to some parents around the county:

  1. “Serotkin said last week’s postcard made “ridiculous claims,” sarcastically giving the creator “bonus points” for using Communist imagery in the design.”
  2. “Such outrageous rhetoric is, sadly, nothing new here in Loudoun,”
  3. “To the anonymous group that mailed these out, I say this: Congratulations,” Serotkin said in closing. “You have managed to unite Loudoun County against your message of hate and ignorance. You have wasted a decent chunk of your money in sending these out, and you have helped fund tolerance.org and the Southern Poverty Law Center in the process. Please continue.”

Not only did Ian Serotkin flat out lie about the claims being made on the yellow postcard, he goes on to promote making donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Now “lie” may seem like a strong word but take a look at the real world example below, there’s no way Serotkin can claim he “misspoke” or his comments were “taking out of context”.

George Soros Funds —->Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) —->SPLC Funds Teaching Tolerance (SPLC Project)

Below are actual lesson plans that I’ve created on tolerance.orgs website. You can clearly see that I’ve built (2) separate lesson plans focused on the Communist Manifesto. You can also clearly see the questions associated with each lesson plan and how they drawing parallels between the Communist Manifesto and Critical Race Theory/Social Justice Movement of today. From where I sit, this is proof that not only did Serotkin lie about “ridiculous claims” and “Outrageous rhetoric” (referring to comments on the postcard) but this is just ONE single example of how absolutely radical LCPS, the Board and Equity Man really are.

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