10-14-2020: P.A.C.T. Biden’s Manifesto-Platform Is Centered Around CRT

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For weeks, even months, both Biden and Harris have refused to discuss Biden’s Manifesto aka Platform. If you’re of those people that are on the fence about to vote for, this has got to be a giant red flag. Biden has (48) different “Bold Ideas” (platform) that are the foundation of his “Vision”. Sure he’s mentioned some of them but only with as little information as possible or completely denying they even exist. But why, why would someone who’s running for president not discuss their vision? The obvious answer is typical Biden, what else would we expect.

The Biden Manifesto is chock full of his Critical Race Theory intensions, which would negatively impact EVERY aspect of our lives. No wonder he or Harris won’t ever discuss this.

The video below provides some insight into the Biden Manifesto and how it was created with CRT in mind. For additional insight please visit Far Left Facts

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