10-14-2020: Forget the Tweets, Forget the Hair, You’re Voting for Freedom

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People have got to put their disdain for Trump’s Tweets aside. Forget about which direction Trump’s hair blows in the wind. Forget about his orange glow. Disregard his abrupt tone. Our country stands A LOT to lose if Trump loses. Like the riots and destruction? Trump’s not your guy. Do you believe a man that hides in his basement has the stamina to be President? Trump’s not your guy. Do you think that a man that draws, on average (10) people to a campaign event, any campaign event has the people’s support? If so, Trump’s not your guy. Finally, if you love, love, love CRT then Trump’s not your guy.

Trump is the ONLY person that can save this country and our freedom. If you doubt what I’m saying, then review the Biden Manifesto that Biden says doesn’t exist.

written by Michael Giere October 14, 2020

You’re Not Voting for Trump, You’re Voting for Your Freedom

The Case for Trump – Part 3

Now, the United States is in an unparalleled spiritual and political battle for tomorrow

Perhaps Donald J. Trump is not the man who could be president in most times. But, he is the only man for this time.

God has always graced America with the right man in times of great danger and opportunity. They were men who, in other times, might not have been attractive or electable.  

George Washington was a man of tumultuous passions, anger, and ambition. He was aloof, patrician, moralistic, often intolerant of lesser men. Yet, he alone was able to lead a revolution and the young Republic.

Abraham Lincoln was regarded as a failure by many. He was tall, ungainly, ordinary, and even shy. Yet, author and a member of Lincoln’s administration, William O. Stoddard, would write that he was the “central figure of our age, and on him were concentrated the love, the faith, the reverence, the hate, the fear, and the calumny, of half the civilized world.”

Franklin Roosevelt was a wealthy scion of an aristocratic New York family. His abiding indifference to the Constitution and other menacing social views were interrupted by the gathering storm of a world at war that he knew must be won. He led a reluctant nation into a defining conflict in two theaters, without boundaries or concession.     

Ronald Reagan was jeered and laughed at, even within his own party. He was an actor turned politician without pedigree. Yet history met with him in the great struggle of the modern world, where he stood without compromise against what he called the “iron triangle” of special interests that demanded a faux peace at any cost. The Soviet Empire and its vast nuclear arsenal and gulags would crumple by 1991.  

One man would fight for the birth of a nation. Another would save that same nation as a Union. The next would save the nation and the Western World from the tyranny of fascism. A successor would liberate the world from Soviet communism.

Now, the United States is in an unparalleled spiritual and political battle for tomorrow (my first article in this series “Tomorrow Without US” here).

Shall she belong to her sovereign citizens? Will mob rule or one-party rule replace the Constitutional system and its matchless genius in the modern world? Will we live free, or will we be hostages to high-tech oligarchs and a corrupt, incestuous ruling class?

The historic Democrat Party (ironically the party of slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow) has since the 1960s been devoured from the inside out. It is now the spear of the revolution against liberty and human freedom.

The old guard’s figureheads that remain are just that. They are represented by the hapless, mentally diminished Joe Biden, a candidate in name only. The party is firmly in the grasp of the ultra-radicals in the House, and the revolutionary socialist-Marxist groups that have labored for generations to bring the nation to this point.

They have announced their intentions to anyone listening. They are honest. They intend to finish the work begun by former President Obama, to “transform America.” The target is you.  

They have engaged in the demolition of old customs, culture, habits, and ideas. It’s their inner-Mao coming out. (See more in my recent article on Mao’s cultural revolution here.)

You can see the pattern with the demolishing of statues and re-writing history right before our eyes. Using the entertainment-media complex and the public schools, they have already largely unbolted the culture from its Judeo-Christian foundation. Next, they are going for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom of association, speech, and religious freedom is already under direct and ever-increasing assault. Today’s Democrat Socialists only understand how to abandon and destroy things.

The radicals can taste victory. They can see a pathway to absolute power, and this time, given a chance, they will not do so incrementally. If the revolution requires violence, they will use it without hesitation, demonstrated by their desire to defund local police.

In July, Mr. Biden, in an attempt to keep the Bernie Sanders supporters and his radical fringe on board the Democratic Socialist express, paid for their passage by signing the United Taskforce Recommendations (here). It is a 110-page manifesto of extremism that is even to the left of Senator Sanders’ positions, a fact he commented on in endorsing the final document.   

(The positions presented in the manifesto speak for themselves. In my second article in this series, “Science, Climate Change and the Wuhan Express” (here), I take on several positions and will have more before the election.)

But what is missing from the Socialist-Marxist Manifesto is more telling than what it states. The manifesto talks about the government doing a great many things that no government has ever successfully done, nor will ever do. It only proposes that they must have the power to do so. But, it never asks the most critical question; how shall we live? For what shall we live? What is our purpose?

God is missing in this document. There is no mention of the intricate historic weaving of faith and its colossal contribution to the nation’s soul and character, all of which formed its prosperity originally. It is the supreme expression of every individual living a peaceful and purposeful life as they see it. And in that individualism comes unity of national purpose, not a contrived outcome that pretends to be freedom.       

Nor is there mention in the manifesto of the Judeo-Christian ethos that has undergirded our laws, our culture, and our work ethic. Its foundation has incubated the rule of law and unlocked intellectual genius in every area of life. And as flawed as our religious institutions have been, they have also been indispensable in mighty ways that make America unique in the world.

America’s founding was a once-in-history event. Our Constitutional process, unique still today, has proven worthy because it made bold proclamations about human rights that could not change. Yet, those proclamations themselves would be the engine of change.  

Foremost, it attested that men’s fundamental rights were not decreed by a government but by their Creator. The right to life, liberty, and property could not be set aside by any King, President, Parliament, or Congress.

The Bill of Rights identifies other rights that are essential to accomplish the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Foremost is the critical rights that we see the radicals attacking day in and day out; religious freedom, freedom of speech and the press, the right to peaceably assemble in protest – followed by the Second Amendment, to protect the former.

Freedom works. Prosperity is born in liberty. It’s deathbed, as history teaches us, is found in the collectivist mindset that demands submission to the totalitarians, and to the collective darkness that it promises.  

There is another reason why the Constitutional process is unique. The Founders understood that the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights would become the tools used to undo human inequality, including slavery. In the eighteenth century, where nations and empires were ruled by force, whim, and autocratic mandate, the American experiment would astound the world’s people for its audacious promises.

In 2020, this experiment is under siege. We’re told that we must join a world global “order” and lose our national identity. We must submit individually to the mob’s idea of equality and purpose. It’s explained that somehow this would be better than the other “orders” of brute force and individual coercion of times past.

President Trump may not seem the man to save the Republic and promote individual freedom and prosperity. There is no doubt he’s a man with his share of significant flaws (as have most of our presidents in the last 70 years).

But he’s the only person who has said unequivocally that abandoning our past is not the way to the future. He’s not a constitutional scholar, yet he’s the only one defending the Constitution, not promoting its destruction. He’s not a choir boy, yet he’s the only person defending the historic “Faith of the Fathers.” When he speaks of maintaining American greatness, he is speaking the language of our greatest heroes.  

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