10-11-2020: P.A.C.T. INSIDE SCOOP! Updates

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P.A.C.T. “Inside Scoop!” is a collection of information that has been shared with us anonymously by concerned and outraged parents, teachers, administrators, journalists, concerned citizens, etc. over CRT. Individuals have provided:

  • Classroom Visuals Promoting CRT
  • Resignation Letters Because of CRT
  • Facebook Posts by Teachers and Staff in Support of CRT
  • CRT Parent “Opt-Out” Request Rejection Letter From Principal (Las Vegas)
  • Teacher BLM Emojis
  • White “Superiority” Video Being Used in Elementary Schools Called “The Unequal Opportunity Race”

The reality is, if you have something that is real and truthful that highlights:

  • The Promotion of CRT in the Classroom or Assignments
  • BLM Educational Material or Lessons
  • Bad & Uncomfortable Teaching Experiences in the Classroom or Mandatory Training
  • Offensive Parental Experiences Whether from a Teacher, the Board or Superintendent
  • Have you sent your Equity District Rep. or Equity Man a gazillion emails and have yet to hear a peep?
  • Perhaps a condescending response via email or FB from one of the snarky Equity Gang members?

I can assure you that you are not alone. P.A.C.T. has been able to bring to light some of the nasty plans Equity Man and the Gang have in mind, but we need your help to show what the Equity Gang are doing OR not doing. We need to be able to do this factually, with supporting evidence but without any personal vendettas. If interested, please forward to: factsmatter123@icloud.com

P.A.C.T. Inside Scoop Submissions

Help and Share The Message!

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