1/29/21: If Parents Don’t Advocate & Protect Their Kids, of All Colors, Who Will? Stop NAACP and MSAAC From Dictating LCPS Education

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NAACP and MSSAC Have Long Insisted Loudoun County is Entrenched and Overrun With White Supremacy and That 44% of the Students in LCPS Are Also White Supremacists

**To the haters, save it. Calling us racist OR white supremacists has become meaningless. We know who we are, we know what we want for all students, regardless of ethnicity. You may try to make the same claim, as long as all whites are reeducated. Notice the difference? Probably not.**

Thanks to LCPS, they have allowed these Anti-White & Black Supremacist groups to run roughshod over our students, teachers and parents. Why? Well, the NAACP & MSAAC claim Loudoun County is entrenched with White Supremacy, however they offer zero proof. In fact, the far left organization Southern Poverty Law Center, who loves tracking white hate groups, does not have a single white supremacist hate group anywhere in Loudoun County. Facts don’t matter to these haters, LCPS started the school year with a call to action of “disrupting and dismantling white supremacy”, which included 36,000 (44% student population) white students.

None of this is about “equity” as they claim, it’s about control, belittlement, discrimination, false victimhood and the demand that all white people are racist and they need to conform to their ideology or else. Disagree with their ideology and they try to ruin your life, we see it happening every day. These radicals are also doing tremendous harm the black people as well. Doesn’t it seem a bit insulting that they demand the admission criteria to certain schools, AP classes, honors classes and tests be made easier for minorities? They think they know what’s best for black people, when in reality they are not giving them the credit they deserve.

The NAACP has been around for (112) years and founded by radical white people that had fully adopted communism. If the NAACP was truly for the advancement of all black people then why after (112) years is their current membership only 1.5% of the US black population (500,000)? For some perspective, there are approximately 250,000+ black babies aborted AND 7,500+/- black people murdered in black communities every year. Seems to me that the NAACP and MSAAC have their priorities all screwed up, focused on a non-existent white supremacy issue in Loudoun County when in reality, the atrocities in the black communities are real life examples of genocide. Black Lives Matter, right?

P.A.C.T. Is Currently Working on a More Expansive Section of Our Website That Provides More Information (centrally located) on Exactly How the LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC Are Destroying the Educational System, Creating Divisiveness and Unnecessary Community Strife

In the meantime, below are a few posts in case you’re interested in learning more (facts not propaganda):

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