1/24/22 Mask Off Monday! The Governor has done his part, and the rest is up to each one of us to take our rights back.

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 The Governor has done his part, and the rest is up to each one of us to take our rights back. One such opportunity is this Monday 24th, when Executive Order No. 2 takes effect, reaffirming parental rights to decide if our children wear a mask to school. The communist allies (FCPS, Arlington, Alexandria, for example) are aligning right now to fight this Executive Order and prevent you from exercising your parental rights. Contact your school immediately and declare your freedom.


So we have the Executive Order, but you must conduct yourself in accordance with its terms to maintain your legal alignment and maximize our success against these tyrants. The Smiling Patriot recommends the following course of action:

1. Email your children’s school immediately to formally communicate the following:

…in accordance with Governor Youngkins Executive Order No. Two (2022) and Order of Public Health Emergency One, which clearly affirms my right as a parent to unconditionally opt out of mask wearing, I hereby elect for [insert childs name(s)] not to be subject to any mask mandate in effect at [insert the school name]. Accordingly, as of Monday 24th January, 2022 [insert childs name(s)] will no longer be wearing a mask to school.”

You may feel the need to explain your mask issues further. Resist that feeling. When it comes to the law, explanation is weakness.

Given that communist, fearful, uninformed, or nasty school administrators may try to retaliate by isolating your children from the class aka “social distancing”, you may choose to preempt such action by also stating that you do not approve of physical distancing measures and you could remind the school that the Virginia Administrative Code forbids separation of children from the group (for example 8VAC-780-410 for Licensed Child Day Centers). In any case, have this in your pocket.

2. Have a good conversation with your children and explain it to them in terms applicable to their age and confidence level. Teach them how to defend their rights in simple ways and rehearse strategies on what to say if they get challenged by a teacher or a classmate. For example it could be as simple as: “I am exempt from mask wearing” or “My mum/dad decided I don’t have to wear a mask” for the younger ones. Teach them to be confident. 

Another strategy is to print some copies of the Executive Order and send it in their pocket! A simple “here, read this…” should suffice.

3. Send your children to school on Monday 24th January, and every day thereafter, with their smile on and with no masks at all. God forbid someone attempts to physically place a mask on your child, now you have them for assault (unfortunately some of these leftists are that crazy).

(Yes, FCPS has a professional development day Monday, but others are in. Perhaps they’ll read the Executive Order and the Constitution?

You should fully expect to encounter resistance from the communists on this but the Executive Order gives your parental decision precedence over schools and school districts as outlined in item 4 of the Order, as it should. Fairfax and the others are going to fight and posture and defend their wasteful and bountiful emergency funding at all costs. We the people are stronger when we act together. No students = no funding (and no opportunity for woke and racist indoctrination which is their bigger agenda addressed under EO1). We’ll form our own schools if we must.

Hold firm and exercise your rights peacefully.

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